From the Farm to Bellefonte

Shopping Tips

The market is held outdoors, rain or shine, so come dressed accordingly.

Sturdy re-useable Bellefonte Farmers Market shopping bags will be made available.

Carry small bills so making change will be easy for vendors.

The market is busiest between 9 and 11 am. Come early for best quality and selection. Vendors often bring just a few pounds of this or that and the most in-demand goes first. Please give our vendors time to set up their stands if you arrive early.

For produce - We will only carry what is in season, so come with a flexible shopping list and see what farmers have brought to market that day.

Take your children with you. They will learn where their food comes from and how it looks when freshly harvested. Farmers are happy to answer questions about how vegetables and fruits grow and to give out samples to taste.

Chat with our vendors. Ask questions about how produce is grown, how to cook it, or how the food item is made. Buy something you haven't tried before.  A grower can tell you on how to select and prepare produce you are curious about.

Plan to go straight home after shopping at the market so you can put away your purchases. Fresh produce, plants or flowers should not be left to swelter and wilt in your car. If you can't go home right away, bring a cooler in which to stow your purchases.

Recipes Coming Soon!

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